On Saturday May 9th, 1502, Columbus left Spain on his 4th and final trip to the New World. Exactly Four-hundred and eighty six years later in 1998, Australian-born clothing and accessories designer Suzie Kondi, along with a small, audacious crew, boarded a 46’ sailboat in SE Queensland and navigated their way towards the iconic city of New York. After thirteen months at sea, and countless maritime adventures, Suzie reached the New World where her new ideas and dreams would be born.
After raising a family and making the customary move from Manhattan to Brooklyn, Suzie introduced her new line KONDI in 2018. Featuring safari suits, lurex, French Terry and a much-needed upgrade of the velour tracksuit, KONDI’s meticulous construction creates classic silhouettes that effortlessly carry the wearer from one adventure to the next with monochromatic ease. Whether it be school drop off, the theater, therapy or thirteen more months at sea, KONDI presents effortless style and is the answer to uniform dressing. Don’t change for anyone.