Launched in 2018, Suzie Kondi’s eponymous New York-based label embarks into new territory of versatility via mix-and-match, timeless pieces that work with sneakers and heels alike. The brand’s namesake, Suzie Kondi, sailed into New York Harbor after 13 months at sea on a 46’ sailboat from Australia and has since recreated the environment of her upbringing into the encapsulating world of Suzie Kondi. After growing up within the folds of her mother’s fabric store, it was only natural for Suzie to funnel her homesick inspirations into the texture of her line by melding her worlds of bohemian beach and downtown sophistication all set in a neo-nostalgic aesthetic. 

Suzie Kondi tracksuits redefine the principles of comfort and casual composure—they beget the contradiction of being comfortable while looking good doing it whether you are headed to the gym or the disco. Suzie Kondi’s tops and bottoms come in an adventurous and cultivated color palette that can be worked interchangeably into your existing wardrobe or worn as a head-to-toe set. They become a blank canvas upon which to accessorize and make your own. Gone are the days of ‘breaking in’ as Suzie Kondi pieces fit immediately upon wear, putting denim in the crosshairs.

Suzie Kondi imagines a life beyond clouds of decisions and instills a utopic confidence of athluxury, a life where the hug of a tracksuit is the new norm, a life where you look put together after minimal effort. Due to their flattering nature, Suzie Kondi’s tracksuits allow for seasonless dressing for the free-wheeling optimist who craves a collection of luxurious necessities with attention to detail and who regularly blurs the lines of work and play.

Suzie Kondi isn’t just a clothing line—it’s a place, it’s a feeling, it’s a lifestyle, and it’s an attitude. It’s a whole lot of cozy with a dash of disco that skates the line of ease, comfort, and sex appeal with steadfast and elevated essentials.