KONDI is the eponymous line of Australian born designer, Suzie Kondi. Growing up amongst the threads and remnants of her mother’s fabric store, she’s been exploring her sartorial interests ever since. The daughter of two immigrants, Suzie’s heritage truly informs her design aesthetic, particularly through the deep jewel tones and luxurious textiles she features. A carefully considered coordinated palette offers the versatility to mix and match tops to bottoms for chic, season-less dressing. Her signature harem pants are inspired by her grandmother’s touman, traditional Eastern European trousers introduced in the early Twentieth Century by French designer Paul Poiret.

Adding to her already rich global identity, Suzie arrived in New York 20 years ago via sailboat. An adventurous 13 months at sea ended in the shadows of New York Harbor. Aussie beach vibes meets downtown New York. It’s as genuine as it gets. KONDI launched in 2018 with a line of linen safari suits and velour tracksuits. KONDI’s meticulously constructed garments create classic, yet unique silhouettes that take the wearer from one adventure to the next. Whether it be months at sea or the morning school drop off, KONDI presents effortless style and is the answer to uniform dressing. Don’t change for anyone.